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Nurturing Faith, Inspiring Leadership

We seamlessly integrate fun with children study

Welcome to 360 Kiddies, your trusted partner in raising Godly, well-rounded kids through engaging and educational Bible products. Our mission spans continents, and our goal is clear: to equip parents, teachers, churches, and missionaries with the tools they need to teach children about the Word of God in a fun and memorable way.

The Inspiration Behind Our Journey:
Our journey began in 2020 during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic. As a parent, I witnessed my almost two-year-old son making impressive progress in learning his alphabets, colors, and numbers with the help of a set of flashcards we had randomly purchased on Amazon.

However, there was a growing concern – the increasing screen time and its negative impact on his behavior. As mom guilt crept in, I felt a deep desire to provide him with a more balanced and enriching experience.

One evening, while taking a walk, I had a revelation – why not use flashcards to introduce him to the teachings of God? This idea became the seed of our journey, and today, 360 Kiddies stands as a testament to the power of that simple yet profound inspiration.

Our Mission
At 360 Kiddies, our mission is to raise Godly, well-rounded kids who will grow into influential leaders in our society, no matter where they are in the world. We believe that instilling a strong foundation of faith and understanding in children is the key to shaping future leaders who will impact the world positively.
Our Vision
Our vision is simple yet profound: to help every child, from every corner of the globe, access and engage with the teachings of God through our thoughtfully designed Bible products. We're here to make the journey of faith exciting, educational, and inspiring.
Our Core Values

At 360 Kiddies, our actions and products are guided by our core values:

We are bold in our pursuit of raising Godly children and preparing them to be
leaders in society.
We respect the diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures of all children and
families we serve.
We uphold the highest standards of integrity in the creation and delivery of our
Bible products.
We are committed to our mission, our customers, and the children we aim to
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